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Muscle group in the legs composed of 4 different muscles. Look best when striated and HUGE (30+ inches)
Tom Platz's quads don't quite belong on a human...
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
The atrophying of muscle as opposed to anabolism
Pounding beers then going to Mickey D's last night till 5 in the morning is the definition of catabolism
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
An addicting Yahoo! game in the same vein as Tetris in which players manage their stack of colored blocks by making rows and simultaneously undermining their opponents structure.
Mom: Your dinner is getting cold!
Me: Hold on i have to finish this Towers game!
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
A miscalculation or incorrect analysis in a chess problem
When Fine's openings Bible was plugged into Fritz 8 many cooks were discovered as few as 3 folds deep.
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
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