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To carry on drinking alcohol after vomiting due to excessive boozing
Barry did a great job of backing up after his last vomit
by Rahoolduke August 20, 2007
Female version of the term "geezer"
Awight sheezer, ow ya doin luv?
by Rahoolduke July 23, 2008
1. An insulting yet effective put-down. Can be used as a sledge during a game of sport, or anywhere really.

2. A maggot that lives on the pus from a weeping wound.
"Hey pus maggot, why don't you like, go suck on some pus"

"Hey, look at that pus maggot eating the pus from my wound"
by Rahoolduke August 31, 2007
A strain of marijuana thus named for the purple hue of its matured buds. Arguably the source of Hendrix's Purple Haze ditty (don't quote me on that).
"Hey dude, that purple head is some killer shit" *coughs*
by Rahoolduke August 21, 2007
To vommit during a drinking game or serious drinking session. Much kudos to the seal breaker who continues drinking.
Will Barry hold down his 19th shot of tequilla or will he break the seal?
by Rahoolduke August 20, 2007

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