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Something that is forced on you by propagandists, telling you that you share a common bond with others who live in the same geographical area you happen to live in just because you speak the same language or were both born there.
rabid practitioner of nationalism: I hear Jack the Ripper was British, does that make you proud to be an Englishman?

In the know: Jack the Ripper was a South East Asian, g string wearing wino who works in a call center catering to UK clients, sorry...
#nation #commonality #least common denominator #bond #collective dementia
by Ragnarok187 July 22, 2011
The refuge of thrash and death-thrash fanboys from the 80's; typically hates 90's metal which they label "groove" metal/"post thrash" Their no. 1 object of hate is Pantera or Metallica or any commercially successful band from the 80's. A typical encyclopedia metallum imbecile abides by the following: anything that is fast, chaotic or technical or un-listenable is considered metal while anything that has any semblance of melody, variety or is not fast enough is considered not metal enough. Frankly, I don't understand why speed should be such a goddamn issue, I want feeling and excitement in my music, if you want speed, watch the Grand Prix for fuck's sake

a bunch of asswipes who cannot fathom why <insert name of obscure 80's band here> never made it big while Sepultura, Metallica are now fucking millionaires with mansions and sports cars
typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: Pantera's Far Beyond Driven is total shit, I give it 0%

me: You're wrong, FBD is such a godly album

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: It has nothing but groove, it's not a real thrash album!

me: who cares? it's good music

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: I tell you it sucks, it ain't worth shit.

me: can you name any songs from FBD aside from the obvious mtv shit (5 minutes alone, i'm broken) to illustrate your point that it's shit?

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: Let me see...uh huh, uh huh, I guess I forgot the songs in there (embarrassed laugh)

me: you make me sick, how could you say it sucks when you haven't listened to the album in the first place you little shit?

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: I guess it's because it's the "in" thing to hate on pantera...
#moron #fanboy #jackass #ignoramus #poser
by Ragnarok187 July 21, 2011
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