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4 definitions by Rageaholic

Grab, Lift, Hold, Carry, Sieze - Something, Usually a Large or Heave Object or Person
"Could you muckle on to the other end of that couch for me?"

"This asshole puched my buddy out at the bar, so I muckled on to him and beat the living piss out of him and all his mullet-wearing Ottawa Valley friends."
by Rageaholic October 13, 2005
Get fucked over repeatedly or have something get worse- Because unlike getting "the cock", cone just keeps getting wider.
"Man, first the boss gave us a shift on the long weekend, now he made it 15 hours long, we're getting cone."
by Rageaholic October 13, 2005
A kiss ass, or "bag licker".
"Man, Rick is washing the boss's car again? He's such a LICK!!"
by Rageaholic September 18, 2005
To get fucked over, overworked, be made to do bullshit jobs, to be unnecessarily miserable. Also used as "the cock", or to be "cocked".
"Holy shit, I have to work on the weekend again, but the boss's buddy dosen't? This is cock!"

"Fucking dammit, we just got cocked with a double shift!"

"For fuck sake, we have to stay at work for another 3 hours? Why do we keep getting the cock?"
by Rageaholic October 13, 2005