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The Get a life is an achievement for Unreal Tournament 3 which is coming out for Xbox 360. The description is 'Get 200 kills on 50 different days' which is basically like the Seriously achievement in Gears of War, where you need to get 10000 kills.
1st Person: Cool man I'm gonna try get that Get a life achievement in UT3!
2nd Person: Get a life!
by Rage man999 July 10, 2008
An achievement in Gears of War, which the description 'Kill 10000 people in ranked match total'.

It never unlocks exactly on 10000, the player is mostly required to get around 13-15k kills.

The achievement can also be unlocked by glitching it, by using another account that has seriously.
1st Person: Yo I'm working towards getting the Seriously achievement man.
2nd Person: Haha, I can just glitch it.
by Rage man999 July 10, 2008
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