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Old sailing term. After setting all three main sails to the wind, a ship will shudder and roll, much like a stumbling drunk. Now used as a synonym for drunkenness.
Don't take notice of Angus, lad, he's three sheets to the wind.
by Rage from rhuvok.com June 02, 2004
Suprisingly non-sexual term. Refers to the act of going to Subway twice in one day, eating a footlong sub each time and thus consuming two feet of meat.
Man I had serious munchies last night. Two feet of meat baby!
by Rage from rhuvok.com November 22, 2004
Having qualities such that said item/person/event is both swanky and yet casual.
Rage was looking quite swanksual in his helicopter shirt.
by Rage from rhuvok.com July 27, 2003
Similar to masturbation, but without completion. See also doctorbation.

Suppose you have the last name Bate. Surely by know you have heard many jokes about being called "Master". But even a proper title can be funny.
I barely had time to misterbate before the bathroom door was rudely opened.
by Rage from rhuvok.com July 27, 2003
Originally coined during a Counter-strike game, when it was decided that a word was need to describe the complete jerkiness one can exhibit when running one's own server.
Examples of whoarishness include mapping someone's fire key to exit, and also making everyone spin counterclockwise while firing all weapons. Particularly whoarish is turning gravity insanely high just as someone is walking down an incline, so as to simulate a 100-foot fall. The proper explanation to the player is of course, "heart attack".
by Rage from rhuvok.com October 05, 2004
Social event at which geeks congregate to drink cheap beer, shoot tequila, eat pizza, play video games, and complain about how no girls ever come out to them.
Remember everyone, there's a geek beer today in the atrium.
by Rage from rhuvok.com June 02, 2004
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