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The painful aching of the neck muscles after moshing, jumping around, headbanging and generally acting stupid at a metal/punk show.
Symptoms are a dull ache, head flopping forwards, and difficulty moving the head from side to side.
Can last anything from a day to a week.
Greg: Dude, what's up with you? Why can't you move your neck?

Jeb: Man, I did some serious...aahhhh...moshing at that show last night. I've got a bad......argh....case of mosher's neck.

Greg: Oh, right.
by Rage And Love June 16, 2007
Jesus Christ- his new streetwise image
JC: Yo, I'm da J-Chrizzle, I got cheese yo, bangin in the club, check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. Bizzle Dizzle.
Big up my crew God, Paul-boi, Pete-boi, Mary Magdalizzle. Judas boi, my man St P gonna condemn yo to eternity in Hell, yo'.
by Rage And Love May 16, 2007

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