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A mix of "wierd" and "queer", to be qwierd is to be wierd and queer at the same time.
Guy1: God! Edouard just slapped my ass in public again!
Guy2: Yeah, that guy is really qwierd.
by Raffik October 12, 2007
ROTDFFLMFARO stands for Rolling On The Damn Fucking Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Right Off.
Guy1: *really funny joke*
by Raffik October 12, 2007
Half way between a guess and and an estimation.
Guy1: You were right! Edouard really is an idiot!
Guy2: So, my guestimations were correct! I knew it from the very beginning!
by Raffik October 11, 2007
A mix of "queer" and "wierdo", a very strange homosexual guy.
Guy1: Jesus Christ!!, Edouard felt my balls right there in the mall yesterday, now all the chicks think i'm gay!
Guy2: He did it to me too, that guy is such a qwierdo.
by Raffik October 12, 2007
This is a word to express satifaction, often used by rather posh and upper class people trying to act like gangsters.
George: So, charles how was that tea-party?
Charles: Yo George it was absolutely gangstaliscious...
by Raffik October 11, 2007
Like lightning-struck but with crap (i.e. unsatisfactory)
However, unlike lighting, crap often does strike twice in the same place.
Guy1: You know last year's crap-struck disco party we went to?
Guy2: Yeah it really sucked!
by Raffik October 18, 2007
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