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The police, like all bureaucratic departments in America, is a large bloated organization that local governments spend millions on so that the tax dollars collected can be used to collect even more taxes in the form of citations.

The police has many different branches, from the Sheriff's department, to the local metrocops, to the ultra-corrupt state trooper. The bulk of law enforcement has little to do with 'protecting and serving', but rather the taxation of people. The more the police can pin on you, the more you have to pay for a citation, possibly even bail.

Police officers themselves can be fair, but considering most of them are taught to put themselves at a higher standard than the average person, don't count on it. Most of them are young egoists. Forget all these scrubs here saying how police never get respected and always 'spit on'. If you spit on a cop here in the city, you'd most likely end up being carried out of a church with six of your friends and family carrying your casket.

State troopers are notoriously famous for full searches of you or your vehicle, even if the offense was civil. Metrocops may do the same, but normally only if you are black. Metrocops usually ARE racist, and state troopers flat out hate everyone who isn't a cop. However, this isn't the true problem. The real problem is that they have the authority to shoot and kill you, whether you were reaching for a gun or your registration. Don't bother asking if you can either, because usually they are too busy telling you to STFU.
Don't worry, even though you've just been killed/badly injured for reaching for the keys to turn your car off after being pulled, your car impounded, and you've lost your job, all because you didn't put your turn signal on early enough; the police department is always there to 'protect and serve' you. Usually in the form of a full cavity search.
by Raener February 25, 2006
Usually a former/wannabe Marine who hides behind a billboard or shrub all day, wreaking havoc on people who are guilty of going 3 miles over the speed limit in the left-most lane or such tripe. After finding some bullshit reason to pull you over, expect a full cavity search for you, your passangers, and your car (even if it was just a broken tail light), all the while being verbally and physically threatened and harrassed. If you are lucky enough to make it out without being arrested or having your car impounded, he'll hand you a nice fat ticket and tell you to have a nice day, a nice change of heart from the gun he was holding to your head 5 minutes ago.

Do not let people like Louis H or the media fool you, people with power (cops) naturally will abuse it, and frustrated failures at life like STATE cops will always want to cross a line that even the most corrupt metrocops wouldn't dare. Exercise nothing but caution, and contempt, for state troopers... they get paid by the hour to steal your money and harass you, not 'pull you out of a burning car'. Hell, if they let you fry in your burning car they'd just make up a story so that they'd still be a hero.
State troopers are common people, many of them irresponsible egomaniacs, who are given enourmous power after a few weeks of training. Approach them like you would a small child holding a gun. They can kill you and get a medal for it.
by Raener February 25, 2006

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