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n. what one gets when one is turned on or inordinately excited by a stimulus or activity that is generally acknowledged as nerdy, geeky, etc.
"Oh my god, did you see that computer keyboard made out of Scrabble tiles?! IT TOTALLY GAVE ME A BONERD."
by RaeReezy January 22, 2009
n. (alt. spelling: taccupuncture)
economy, budget, or "back-alley" accupuncture; utilizes corkboard tacks as opposed to traditional "pins" to perform the ancient eastern medical art. Most often practiced in meth clinics and elementary school classrooms. (Not advised without updated tetanus shots.)
Little Bobby's friends thought they were playing a prank when they allowed him to sit on the collection of thumbtacks they placed on his chair, unaware of the Zen-like soothing effects he was bound to receive from the effects of tackupuncture therapy.
by RaeReezy August 06, 2009

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