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Artistic concept; the act of making or transforming an object to appear delicate, especially when the object's material components are considered industrial in nature. Eg: to create a bird using nails. Coined by W J Welburn, Adelaide, South Australia, 2004.
I intend to delicatise those sheets of iron.

This is a lovely example of delicatisation.
by Rae Wormwell October 03, 2004
Hort is the state of being hot and bothered. To be or feel hort usually occurs during summer, however might be apparent after excessive exposure to heat (through activity, a heat source, or other means of heat production), combined with a feeling of agitation. Coined by W J Welburn, Adelaide, South Australia.
'Oh, for f*#k's sake! Sorry, honey. It's not your fault, I'm just feeling a bit hort.'
by Rae Wormwell October 03, 2004

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