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To obtain the sacred "Ninja Juice" is the first task given to an up-and-coming ninja hopeful.

The sacred "Ninja Juice" can only be drunken by the mighty Rae (ninja) of the UD chatroom but must be served to Ms. Rae by any other unlucky mofo.

"Ninja Juice" is also a tastey treat for any full-fledged ninjas and you can often see many famous nin drinking it.
Example 1:
young_Gun (of UD): I wanna be a ninja!
rae(ninja): Get me NINJA JUICE, NOW!
young_Gun: /gives ninja juice
rae(ninja): Haha. Owned.

Example 2:
Naruto Uzumaki: I KNOW, LAWL!
Jet Li: It gives me super crazy awesome powers!
Koolaid Man: Oh yeah!
by Rae [ninja] August 24, 2007

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