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Romanian for ass. It is used only in slang and it's widely spread when talking about sex.
Ai buci mistou=You have a nice ass
by Raducu September 15, 2006
Nazal secretions in romanian. It's used when having fun of someone.
Mancami-ai mucii
Iti curg mucii ca balele
Mucii matii
Ai muci in supa
Ai doi muci ca doua coaie
Dai cu mucii-n fasole
by Raducu September 15, 2006
Synonim with floci, which in romanian means pubian hair. Cifloni is quite an unused word but it has a great history...
Mancami-ai latii dintre cifloni!
Spala-ti drecu ciflonii aia imbranziti!
Ptiuuuu, ce-ti put ciflonii a cacat...
by Raducu September 15, 2006

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