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A fat cunt.
Commonly found in the Ag area (Out of bounds)
He loves red licorice.

Scientific name : Cormacius Dickheadius
Wow! look its a Nash! Get the camera!
by Radox June 22, 2015
A little shit who thinks he/she is cool.
They try to hard and end up with no friends.
They usually are oblivious to haters and continue on being annoying
Stop being such a Douchepickle man!
by Radox June 13, 2015
First of all, it's written with y's instead of i's. And second, vicious people indeed do suck. So, you can suck a nine centimetre dick and shut your mount once and for all !!! :)
Penis for your tight asshole, Luba.
by RadoX April 12, 2005

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