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3 definitions by RadiositySG

An uber leet nerd who can do wonderous things with little resource at his disposal.
OMG! That dude's a true iron nerd! He cooked up a nuclear reactor and a light speed jump engine with only bubblegum, shoelaces and a few pieces of carboard!
by RadiositySG November 29, 2004
The affliction where one can't type properly due to intoxication ...
<Joe> ofgr whaath im neked! and im also not weearing clooothes!!

<jack> Dude, you're so WallOfTruth-ed, get a grip man.
by RadiositySG November 27, 2004
A person who buys his/her own prints at deviantArts prints.
Cassed is such a printsturbator. He buys his own prints!
by RadiositySG November 27, 2004