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A public sex act. A Frosted Waffle occurs when having sex doggie style against a chain link fence and the Receiver's face gets pressed against the fence. The Pitcher promptly ejaculates on the Receiver's face.
"He couldn't stop laughing because what had started out as a hot public encounter ended in my face looking like a frosted waffle!"
by RadioNutz March 18, 2009
a sexual position in which the male is leaning at an angle with the back of his shoulders against a wall, supporting the female in the eki ben position. The House of Cards is named as such for its obvi
"his back was against the wall. He lifted me up and we started to make love. Unfortunately, he had neglected to take his socks off, and the carpet was nylon. It felt like were were a House of Cards and one wrong move could topple us over."
by RadioNutz March 18, 2009

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