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Used to describe somebody who is TOO TALL AND SKINNY for life on this Planet we call Earth.
It doesn't matters why they are tall and skinny be it their Genes or time spent on a stretching machine while being tortured by Elves from the Spooky Wood down Hobbs Lane.
If they are too tall AND too skinny, they may be referred to as a Lanky Streak of Piss.
A current example is the England Footballer Mr Crouch whose name indicates what he does a lot of.
by Racist Dave June 06, 2007
A Man who actively seeks anal passages of other Men with intention of putting something in the anal passage.
"watch out Lads, here comes Wayne. keep your asses out of sight of that fucking Chuff Bandit..!"
by Racist Dave June 05, 2007
The meaty girth section of a penis starting from the base and finishing at the Bell Overhang. The Prick Shaft usually has a thin layer of skin and pulsating viens can be seen under the skin.
Example of use maybe during a Blow Job scene in a Porno
PornoMan talking to PornoGirl "come on, get that dick in your mouth.. All of it.. not half the Prick Shaft.. The Whole Prick Shaft!!"
by Racist Dave June 05, 2007
The usual summertime annoyance that is Big Brother. Not only is there a channel pretty much dedicated to it 24/7 but we have to read about it in newspapers, see it on the News on TV and pretty much get bothered by it ALL SUMMER.
(whilst flicking through channels on TV you come across a still picture of a bedroom with nothing happening at all) "ah, i see Big Bother is on still." (whilst reading a News Paper you come to the center 10 pages dedicated to the REAL lives of the Big Brother contestants)"Who are these people that i don't want to know about taking up space in my News Paper. Bloody Big Bother again, thats what!"
by Racist Dave June 05, 2007
A word used to tell someone that THEY are stupid and what they did was stupid after they did something that was clearly stupid and would not work.
Peter: Alright then.. im now going to attempt to jump off the roof of this house and land on my feet!

Alan: Okay... go on then.

Peter: AAArrrggghh.. *CRACK* (Peter lands on his face and breaks his nose)

Alan: Haaahaa.. Bunidged.. bye..

Peter: *moaning* (dripping with blood)
by Racist Dave December 11, 2007
a Society to which you can send somebody to for being a Fool or a Silly Bugger.
Beardy finishes taking a piss in the toilet and on leaving the Bathroom turns the light ON.
This is seen by Hobbit and Hobbit says "Turn that fucking light off or i'll send you to the Silly Buggers Society!"
Beardy replies "Oh yes, I am a Silly Bugger aren't I!" He then returns to Bathroom and turns off light.
by Racist Dave June 06, 2007
Very small lumps of shit that stick to hairy bottoms usually due to lack of ass wiping.
SAMMER-"Oi. Why are you picking at your ass all the time, Hobbit?"

HOBBIT-"Its the Chug Nuts, man. Can't have wiped enough earlier when i did a steamy heap of shit!!"
by Racist Dave June 07, 2007
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