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The Universal noun; Used in place of a noun, usually used to either freak other people out or so others don't know what you are talking about
WTF DUDE!!! Stop grabbing your meb like that in public!
by Racin' Randy October 05, 2009
A football legend at the University of Toledo who helped lead Toledo to 3 consecutive undeafeted seasons. Now is a term to describe some one who you really like too the point of stalking
Guy #1: I think that girl is stalking you...

Guy #2: It's ok, I'm her Mel Long
by Racin' Randy August 31, 2010
An exclamation meaning that usually means great, or awesome, but could really be used for anything when you don't know what else to say
Lets go get some burgers, sehr!

Guy you don't know: Dang, my dog just died...

Me: ... Uhm... Sehr?

by Racin' Randy October 05, 2009
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