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plural noun- plural form of flan;
a group of flan
"Look at those crazy flani."
"You two are some pretty rad flani"
by Rachichi January 17, 2008
synonimous to bestfriend if you are a flan. it can be abbreviated "BF". reserved as a special name for a most treasured friend who is "a sexy beast without the dress on..."
see kenzington
"Hey, beastfriend, wanna have a mental breakdown?"
"My beastfriend and I enjoy intense games of chess followed by the exchanging of mystery novels."
by Rachichi January 17, 2008
(n.)- a young flan who enjoys mental breakdowns immensely; beastfriend.
"Let's write some historical fiction, Kenzington."
by Rachichi January 17, 2008
a cool flan who wears sexual purple pants that make her look decent...verryyy decent.
"you dirty FUPSing skank, CARLOS!"
by Rachichi January 25, 2008

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