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Young girls who hang out at the mall and trade sex acts for high-end merchandise.
"That mallstitute totally offered me a handjob for that Fendi handbag!"
by Raches April 01, 2007
A young male, generally a frat boy, often Jewish, typically will be found driving a BMW 3 Series that is paid for by his father, and who clearly thinks that he is the coolest person in the world when in fact, he is lame. Can easily be found at a Lacoste or Aeropostale retail location. May or may not have a Jewfro. Should be avoided, often carrying substantially large quantities of GHB.
Who do you think you are shopping at Lacoste, Johnny Cool?
by Raches April 01, 2007
A black man who will only date blonde, white women.
Have you seen Bambie and her new Julius?
by Raches April 01, 2007

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