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A combination of the word LMAO (meaning laughing my ass off) and ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) to create a super word (LMAOROFL) which you use when you are laughing your ass off while rolling on the floor.
Bob: your gay
Bob: you're gay
by Rachelle! October 29, 2006
yaH itz da ppL dat talk like diS

see: chatspeak
BaBiie iLuVu: u kno im lyk a aim faggot

Thank you captain obvious!
by Rachelle! June 18, 2007
The internet language of emo kids that think they're too good for you. Like.. they're smart and NOT pathetic.
you know what? you are quite the poseur. and you know it's basically true because I pretty much equal love. that's right you pathetic lifeless drone. fuck no, this isn't emospeak you loser. this is how i actually talk in real life. k? k.

;; alexATTACK<3
by Rachelle! April 23, 2007
Laughing Uber Hard.
It's the new LOL.
You should try saying it.
LOL is so outdated now.
And German things are cool.
stupit: LOL
smart person: That's so old. Trying saying LUH now.

made up by awesomelyn and radchelle.
by Rachelle! June 22, 2007
not the "best band everrrrr omg"
why? they did not write ONE song on their new cd,
nothing personal?
very personal.

i wish they were the way they used to be.
back in the put up or shut up days.
all time low is the new fall out boy ;)
by Rachelle! September 14, 2009
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