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In 1997 or so, Yahoo! chat made it so that (for a few days, anyway) if you typed "blow job" into the chat window, what would appear on the screen was "puppy."
clueless person: "I didn't type puppy! I typed puppy!"

smart person, saying the same thing for the millionth time that hour: "If you type "bl0w j0b" (with 'o's instead of '0's), it comes out "puppy.""
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
Originally stemming from fear of Communism (ie the red-scare),it means you were suspected of being involved in Communism, and were put on a list with other such people, though most had done nothing wrong. Being on this list prevented you from doing lots of everyday things.

More recently associated with Seinfeld, when Elaine got herself, and then her boyfriend, blacklisted at the best delivery Chinese Food place around. They refused to deliver to the people "on their list."
(note: I have not seen this episode for many years, so forgive me if this is not verbatim, but it is pretty close)

Delivery Man: here's your food
Elaine's boyfriend: thank you
Delivery Man, seeing Elaine: I know you! You're on our list!
Delivery Man, to Elaine's boyfriend: Now YOU are on our list, too!
Elaine's boyfriend, to Elaine: You got me blacklisted at Hop Sing's!?!?
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
Starred as Brandon Walsh in the popular TV series Beverly Hills, 90210. The series lasted for 10 (or so) years, starting in 1990, and was very popular, though it was made fun of by many, including some of its fans.
Jason Priestley is very, VERY attractive, though I think he was at his peak when the show first started. He is into racing fast cars, and has had at least one serious accident doing so.
Jason Priestley is gorgous.

"Donna Martin graduates!" (famous line/moment/event from 90210)
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005

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