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The opposite of a chick magnet.

Used to refer to anything or anyone who easily attracts guys. Also used with straight guys who easily attract gay guys (My personal favorite).
"I've only been to a gay bar once"
"Oh yeah? I bet you were a real dick magnet"
by Rachel Smith June 06, 2007
When a business tries to steal a domain name through ICANN or another online arbitration process.
Disney tried to hijack my website, DonaldD.com, but my name is Donald Donallson so it didn't work.
by Rachel Smith May 12, 2003
A person who purchases domain names in order to sell them.
That cybersquatter sold drugs.com for one million dollars last year.
by Rachel Smith May 12, 2003
A state of extreme drunkness that causes one to find ugly people extremely attractive
Dude, forget beer goggles, he must have been wearing CAMPBELL goggles when he went home with that oink monkey.
by Rachel Smith May 10, 2003
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