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A person addicted to "chotches"; a person addicted to being a chotch: acting, dressing, or speaking as a chotch; a compulsive need to be a chotch or surround ones self with chotches; addicted to portraying a "cool" image of themselves to others, or bragging about being friends with a known chotch.
Chotchaholic's are Desperate Wannabee's and chotches in general: an obsessive thought, desire, or action to constantly act, look, or be portrayed as the definition of a chotch.
Addicted to: checking their cell phones, and myspace, as well as scoping out "babes", and bragging to anyone that will listen, about themselves and girls they couldn't get in a million years, the ones who give out the cheesiest pick up lines, and somehow manage to score seemingly "hott" girls until you talk to them and realize that they are the definition of a blonde.
by Rachel Knuehl April 29, 2006

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