2 definitions by Rachel H

you will need:
3 pieces of bread
grape or strawberry jelly
chunky peanut butter

step 1) take the first piece of bread and put jelly on one side
step 2) take another piece of bread and put it on top of the jelly-side-up slice.
step 3) take the last piece of bread and spread peanut butter on one side
step 4) lay it peanut butter-side-down on top of the piece on top of the jelly-side-up piece
step 5) cut diagonally twice so that you have 4 triangles
step 6) set them up crust-side-down on a plate and serve with fries and a chocolate chip cookie
My tripple layer peanut butter and jelly sandwich costed $8 at the Ritz in Cayman.
by Rachel H June 30, 2008
an esmeralda is defined as a horny person; used in this way as a sarcastic comment
In "that 70s Show" Hyde tells Eric to settle down Esmeralda when he gets outraged by the fact that Steven and Jackie were making out.
by Rachel H June 27, 2008

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