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243 definitions by Rachel

Full of rich kids driving SUV's, and wearing designer clothing.
Rachel: Hey want to go to neimans to see the gucci bag I want?
Lauren: Sure, but first I have to fill up my car with gas. Driving a range rover is expensive.
by rachel December 05, 2003
74 45
One very hot lady who resembles Jessica Rabbit.
Man, that Zan is one sexy lady.
by rachel January 19, 2004
144 117
Women's clothing which is making a comeback. Originally made from whalebone to enhance bustiness and decrease waist by making the wearer almost incapable of breathing.
Elizabeth (PotC: I can't breathe!
by Rachel May 24, 2004
81 55
a marijuana joint smoked mostly by europeans that uses two rolling papers and the tobacco from a cigarette. the tobacco allows it to burn for longer and, if you don't normally smoke cigarettes, it gives you an extra good buzz.
"that dutch joint burned forever"
by rachel April 12, 2004
34 10
One of the best bands ever who make great music and know what they are talking about
They are the best band ever
by Rachel August 24, 2003
51 28
A woman's lower back tattoo. When her and guy are having sex. He's pulls out and aims to hit her lower back tattoo. Her jizz-target.
All the girls at my high school have jizz targets.
by Rachel March 29, 2005
30 8
a best friend is some one hoo cares bout u hoo is always there for u and u wont let a guy get between u so if u have a best friend(s)hold on tight cause they can help u thru life:)
a guy can never come between u
by Rachel November 24, 2004
41 19