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A person who spends a lot of time on Internet baby names discussion boards, making it her business to instruct others, in an authoritarian manner, as to what they should or should not name their babies.

The typical name nazi tends to be female and conservative, and will berate and ridicule anyone whose tastes deviate from those of the herd.

Her cautionary catchphrase consists of: "Other children will make fun of your child if you name her that!" Ironically, the brandished, name-teasing schoolyard bullies are most likely to be the offspring of the name nazis themselves, having learned their behavior from their mothers.
She posted that she was thinking of naming her baby "Indigo" and, omg, the board's name nazis all jumped on her.
#name #names #nazi #authoritarian #conservative
by Rachaelle June 11, 2006
A verb meaning "to whack someone on the back of the head". The word comes from the book titled *"When I'm Dead All This Will be Yours!"*, a humorously fond account of the life and times of Teller's parents, Joe and Irene, written by their kid, Teller (the smaller, quieter half of the magic/comedy team of Penn & Teller).
"And if you pestered my mother, she'd zouse you." – Joe Teller
by Rachaelle July 24, 2004
Title of a hard-hitting, original crime novel by Penn Jillette (the louder, bigger half of the magic/comedy team of Penn & Teller), containing raw, realistic imagery that remains burned in one's mind long after mere disturbing dreams have been forgotten.
Got my copy of *Sock* today and just can't stop reading it.
by Rachaelle July 22, 2004
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