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A word specified in the lyrics of Tenacious D. It was a decision factor that was acted upon during the rescue of "JB". Apparantly "KG" took a bullet for "JB", and it became known as Poops McGee.
JB:"Your decision to rescue me," KG:"Was definately Poops Mcgee."
by Rachael May 12, 2004
a funny but absolutley dumb and pointless point marked by lol then silence
That was such a qwert moment
by Rachael February 02, 2004
a man/woman you fancy walks past, you fall over, you say: "lux"
by Rachael May 15, 2003
a chocolate covered peanut or a jar of peanut butter and jelly mixed together
when i went to the movies with bob we got goobers after having sex in the seats
by rachael January 28, 2005
The best music ever until the mid '90s. Reba, Dolly, Loretta, Alan, Porter; they're the best. The late Patsy Cline and Dottie West too. Now it is watered down and might was well merge with pop.
Also used to describe a person with sense enough not to become immoral with the rest of the world.
I love old country music, but new country needs to die.

There are sadly few country people in today's society.
by Rachael September 26, 2004
Gettin' some lovin'
Are we havin' some humina humina tonight?
by Rachael October 04, 2003
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