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Unbleivably annoying creature that isn't much good for anything but to annoy people. They are also there for us to catch them early so they don't grow up to be preps.
I was about ready to slap the shit out of that toddler sitting in front of me.
by Rachael September 26, 2004
the girl formally known as "jennifer". she likes guys...alot...and guys like her!...she also secretly loves the sexuality of teletubbies...
by rachael April 16, 2003
fit, buff, good looking.
'a full english with fried bread on the side'
by Rachael December 16, 2004
1. To play an instraument out of tune or pretend to play an instraument

2. To be ugly

3. To annoy a large amount of people
1. That band I saw last night played very Busted.

2. He's very busted

3. He really busted us.
by Rachael May 16, 2004
When you are shaving and you inadvertently squirt yourself in the crotch with shaving cream.
Oooo that tingles.. I just squirted myself in the crotch with shaving cream.
by Rachael November 06, 2002
something that is crooked or not right
that is such a wompy thing to say
by Rachael February 02, 2004
Shortened version of myself, used as a name or less conformative and egotistical self reference. Can also be used as simplified statement of fantastical racial origin; i.e. Me conjoined with Elf.
"Melf is back."
by Rachael January 08, 2004
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