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Red headed guy on Without A Paddle...
Hey isn't that Red headed guy Seth Green?
Yes. It is.
by Rachael February 28, 2005
A divine feeling or transcendence gained by flying kites. A palindrome. Known popularly as the title of a Grateful Dead album.
You might find aoxomaxoa in the peaceful experience of flying a kite.
by Rachael March 10, 2005
a kick ass cd by Green Day...
people keep saying that it sucks..i think u only believe that it sucks because you dont agree with it. And yes this is only my opinion, but im going to say it anyways. If you people would sit down and listen to the CD all the way through, you would understand that they are not telling you to go against Bush, they are just telling you to take the information that you are given and become an individual with it. I believe that other people on here have said that Green Day is telling you to go against Bush for no apparent reason, but they aren't. Yes they may be against him, but they aren't telling you to be too. You shouldn't be dissing on other people's opinions, just state your own....
Think for yourself!!!
by Rachael October 30, 2004
nummy foodstuffs
wow that waffel was fantastic!
by rachael February 21, 2004
a different way to spell sweet but a much better way
said when something is amazing
"i tlked to mike today"
"that is SaWeet"
by rachael January 08, 2005
Relaxed to the extreme, typified by slouching, sprawling, snoozing, gabbing, and generally being lazy.
He found her in the backyard, being very loungeful.
by rachael June 29, 2004
When a woman shaves her pubic hair in the shape of Hitler's mustache.
Jake: So, I was def going down on Ashley and she was sportin the Hitler!
Mike: Did you end up invading that shit?
by Rachael June 25, 2009

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