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A singlular fan of the almight, amazing rock band the darkness. Has v good musical taste!
Do you want to be a darkling?
by rach January 24, 2004
Something that J.G and R.S wanted me to make a def of.
Also slang for a cunt.
i.e Cunt muffin
I cant belive I have to do a def for muffin!
God, that guy is such a Cunt Muffin.
by rach April 07, 2005
Used with surpise or excitement. Sometimes meaning "neat".
That is just so snap! ;D
by Rach September 04, 2004
Something that a lady puts on over a bra, or a gentleman puts on over his chest.
1. "Hey, do you like my new top i got yesterday from Top SHop?"
by rach February 26, 2003
Filthy slapper tart, with style, A tart with heart
She was one hell of a Ronni
by Rach December 20, 2003
it a gurl who has a big round thing stickin out from her backside really far out or a big booty bitch
wo look at that b/b/b she is lookin good today i wanna piece of dat!
by RaCh October 08, 2003
Give it to me baby!!!, just watch the rockets
she wanted a right bit of bubbs
by Rach December 20, 2003

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