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49 definitions by Rach

Also South London slang (Brixton) for small change.
I wan sum food mon you gat any mash nya?
by rach February 20, 2004
2 2
A drug that makes you think you're Danny Devito, often used to express surprise, anger, or any other pronounced emotion.
After he captured Princess Lauren, he ran through the snow and yelled "BOONSLALA!" in triumph.
by Rach July 03, 2003
2 2
A person who is from and has great affection for the city of Cuenca, Ecuador.
Eres Antuco!
by Rach May 03, 2004
0 1
Fat, Overweight, Ugly, Bitch, Scrubber
Yo dude she's as bad as Sheridon Brownhill
by Rach September 14, 2003
4 5
Big long stringy buger hanging out of someone nose. Pasadena Texas
"Did you see the size of the sheep leg on him?"
by Rach February 10, 2005
5 7
asking for head or face
ME: Honey can you do me a FAVOR?
by rach July 19, 2004
23 26
mad, dippy, stupid, silly, eccentric not right in the head or mental. Can be either positive or negative.
1. That girl is so dappy, I tell you. But ya gotta love her She's got a lot of nerve 2 go out wiv a black bloke round ere!(good)

2. That girl is so dappy. She will never see any sense, what a totally unsuitable guy to go out with. She will pay the price for her dappiness.
by rach February 26, 2003
37 40