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awwww hes so lovely
by Rach October 28, 2003
Big long stringy buger hanging out of someone nose. Pasadena Texas
"Did you see the size of the sheep leg on him?"
by Rach February 10, 2005
an especially long session of banging with multiple partners and hole usage...(KY jelly optional)
jeez...we had one helluva pork-o-rama last night dude...major fluid spurtage and my sphincter had a darn good work out, but so did his!
by RACH February 13, 2004
A drug that makes you think that you're a camel. When injected into the body, it causes a person to grow (imaginary) humps on their back and start spitting. However, as in boonslala and woonslala it can be used to express an outlandish emotion.
DAMNDAMNDAMN the world to MOONSLALA! The end is near!
by Rach July 05, 2003
a person who is mentally challenged coupled with an un-healthy obsession with hello kitty and toilet brushes
Ut-oh here comes that 'Rawse' from the special home.
by Rach December 27, 2004
A man with unlimited beauty and self-confidence. A leking thinks he is gods gift to the world, and probably is. The fact that he knows this makes him somewhat annoying and amusing at the same time.
leking is loving himself again.

Typical leking
by Rach July 10, 2004
fecal matter mixed with other bodily fluids which 'mature' in the crevices of the butt..density, colour, smell and texture may vary from hoop to hoop..ie a trucker may have more pungent and courser residue than a ballerina..tends to accumulate and harden around stray hairs..tramps have this in abundance..can also be found under the nail if ass hole is vigorously scratched
my mate was buggin me so i scratched out some dam fine hoop residue and smeared it on the mothers' mints..oh how i laughed when the silly little ring piece ate it...i hope it went down smoothly!
by rach February 20, 2004

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