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American version: Joggins(noun) diarrhea.
Don't eat at that restaurant, last time I ate there, I had joggins all night.
by Rach December 18, 2004
someone who is addicted to stealing. Short for kleptomaniac
"liz is such a klepto!"
by rach January 29, 2005
n.- the ugliest kid ever
adj.- extremely ugly
That girl is tuke!
that is the tukest kid i have ever seen.
by Rach January 21, 2005
A fucking kick ass gothic metal band at first...later, a fucking kick ass *lol* gothic rock band.
Roch: The Gathering fucking rules!
Random Guy: Hell yeah!, Anneke's freaking hot.
by Rach January 11, 2005
A drug that makes you think you're a camel/cow/moose/jewel thief who lives in Kentucky and only eats apples and apple pie for dinner. Another alternate definition applies, see boonslala or moonslala.
The asylum was filled with patients who had all had overdoses of woonslala and now were convinced they were nonexistent hick creatures.
by Rach July 05, 2003
The cat's meow, the dog's bollox, the best.
A nonsense formulation popularised by Tenacious D's lazy urban hymn to love: "My biznitch is the Shiznitch"
by rach February 20, 2004
a person who is mentally challenged coupled with an un-healthy obsession with hello kitty and toilet brushes
Ut-oh here comes that 'Rawse' from the special home.
by Rach December 27, 2004

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