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An underage girl who dresses like a prostitute.
Every Friday afternoon this town is filled with prostitots. I need to ask for ID before talking to anyone.
by Rabidmogwai March 06, 2009
An utterly pointless and awkward conversation that draws on for a intolerably long time. Usually with someone who, despite your best efforts, does not realize you do not want to talk to them.
Man, that just went on and on. He was just insisting on having a ronversation with me.
by Rabidmogwai March 06, 2009
The act of doing more work while trying to do less work due to laziness.
I didn't want to carry all that crap to the trash so I walked all the way to the side yard to get the wheel barrow when all I had to do was get the dolly from the garage. Such failed laziness.
by Rabidmogwai March 06, 2009

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