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A Pornographic film starring the famous hill billy pornstar William Morgan. It is about an Air Conditioner repairman whom gets fired from his job for smoking crack on the job. The man then starts a career selling pictures on the internet of him and his Filipino girlfriend having sex with varies barnyard animals. The man then makes it big in the porn industry and begins to do Gay porn. By the end of the movie he figures out that his true passion lies in having sex with animals on camera.
Dude, last nigh I saw that movie Hillbilly Love starring Will "the rappist" Morgan. It was about him and his chick doing barn yard animals. I came to that movie like five times. After that, I played some Halo.
by Rabbi Judish November 27, 2006
A demon that, according to legend, visits straight men at night to give them fellatio. At then end of the fellatious encounter, the demon spits the victim's semen back at his face, and flies away like a fairy. The victims are usually left scarred for life, and thus become homosexuals. This is supposedly the legend of how homosexuality was started.
Dude, I swear a cockubus visited me last night. I suddenly have the urge to watch Oprah, and I'm craving Emo music. I also have a jones for some cock. Am I turning gay?
by Rabbi Judish January 23, 2007

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