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After southern rapper Chingy left Disturbing Tha Peace(a hiphop records label) at 2004, he start his own label called Slot A Lot.
A: Do you know Slot A Lot?
B: Yes, it's Chingy's label.
by Rabbi January 05, 2005
A beautiful girl, Rabbi's baby.
i want sombody love me like Rabbi love Rada.
by Rabbi January 28, 2005
a person who is extremely competent in being a complete ( a connoisseur) tosser,, an artist if you like,,, in bullshit! An expert in their field.
that guy is such a tosser (wanker),, he's a real tossoisseur
#wanker #tosser #bullshitter #puller #stroker
by rabbi July 31, 2012
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