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A term for the female genital region. It is a roughly triangular region that includes the pubic hair (if present), vulva, labia majora, and labia minora.

The main point I wish to make is that "pussy" is NOT synonymous with "vagina!" The vagina (or “dick box,” or “sperm bank,”) is an elongated tube-shaped structure from the inner aspect of the labia minora to the uterus (specifically the fornix). When looking at a pussy, at most only a small portion of the outermost aspect of the vagina is visible. Thus, when ones intends to refer to the whole female genital region, the word "vagina' is wrong and the word "pussy" is correct (though often inappropriate depending on the setting).

Other definitions of "pussy" which are not confused with vagina are coward and cat.
Sheliene has a hairy pussy.

Girl, you need da shave yo' pussy. Dis ain't 1975!

Holmes, last night I saw dat bitch' pussy. Dayem, man, it be fine!
by Ra Mone August 29, 2009

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