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2 definitions by R_at_Splat

(UK) For a person to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 against their will, admitted to hospital, and given treatment, if they are perceived to be a threat to themselves or others.
She was sectioned after being found wandering on the North Circular. Again.
by R_at_Splat May 28, 2005
To drive round and round a town one way system or town centre, in today's scally car of choice (yesterday a MkII Fiesta/Nova, today a Saxo or 106).
They were sitting outside the Duncombe Arms watching the scallies barry-lap in their modified but somehow still poor-effort excuse for motor vehicles around and around the town centre, with ghastly pseudo-modern R&B blaring from the speaker system.
by R_at_Splat May 28, 2005