1 definition by RZLA

herd-core also herd·core (herdkôr, -kr) adj.

Herdcore is the culmination of a set of attitudes and beliefs held by the London-based Ultimate Frisbee team, the Thundering Herd. Whilst sharing similarities with the "fiercely loyal" definition of hardcore, as in "Fred was a hardcore golfer", it also requires a fun and positive outlook on Frisbee and life in general. It can equally be applied to people, actions, or even inanimate objects, as illustrated below.

The opposite of Herdcore is Herdiocre

-"Those new trainers are herdcore, mate"

-"I just necked a shot of tequila, threw up and then played a 90-min game"

-"What are the opposition like?" - "Dunno, don't look herdcore to me though"
by RZLA July 12, 2006

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