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5 definitions by RX

Japanese term meaning 'lolita complex,' after the novel (and two movies). The abbreviated 'complex' is generally transliterated with an ending -n rather than -m. Oh those crazy japanese.
The term typically refers to pornographic art, anime or otherwise, of females aged between 12 and 16, and also to those people attracted to such girls. However, real child pornography is sometimes called lolicon.
Art of underaged girls is legal in most countries, which explains the popularity of lolicon. Despite the fact that the age bracket is technically outside the realm of pedophilia, lolicon is frowned apon, especially in the west.

Lolicon featuring males is shotacon.
"Lolicon doesn't hurt anyone. Gimme the tissues and fuck off."
by Rx October 22, 2004
1887 390
That dead girl in the closet from "The Ring."
What if God were one of us?

He probably wouldn't be dead in a closet.
by RX July 22, 2004
40 18
An all-purpose suffix added to the end of proper nouns to denote a Goatse-esque modification of said noun.

See "goatse" for further information.
"The beastiality enthusiast forever searched for photos of catse and dogse."
by RX May 04, 2004
11 4
-phrase used in reference to John F. Kerry (D-MA).
John Kerry is a rich woman's pet! Let's just refer to him as The Poodle.
by RX May 05, 2004
5 15
Here's the deal: Phil Collins can't fucking sing. He's a great drummer, but he just plain can't fucking sing. What he *can* do, however, is apply a cheap 80s reverb filter so that people go ZOMG WHAT A GREAT VOICE!!11! What, you seriously thing think that 'great vocalists' echo when they sing?
"I looooove--oh fuck, someone turn the filter on quick."
by Rx January 24, 2005
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