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for a woman to rim (lick) your ass, while reaching around and jerking you off
she was on the rag so I asked her to trombone me. Man she can give dizzy Gillespie a run for him money!
by rs January 25, 2005
1. Evil, Strong, Sadistic
2. Master Dueler or Player Killer
3. Nudist
4. Loves Cookies
5. Has Occupation as Satan, And The Grim Reaper
6. Uses Evil Abilities, And Mystical Night Powers
7.Night/Shadow Is His Element
He's Almost As Good As Magus!
by RS July 24, 2004
A word used by dumb ass scrubs & n00bs to taunt any move/person that can beat them in a fighting game.
Scrub/n00b: Hey, AHVB is cheap!
Scrub/n00b: Don't pick Cable, he's cheap!
Scrub/n00b: I'm not playing against you! You're cheap!
by RS September 20, 2003
1. To fool or trick another person or animal in a manner that is comical to others.
2. To unknowingly commit a mistake or blunder.

adj. (knothe-like)
1. Describes some form of chicanery that is reminiscent of the legendary P. Knothe

n. (knother)
1. a person or animal that is known for fooling or tricking others through some form of deceptive action.
1. Jeremy likes to knothe his friends incessantly, as if everyday were April Fool's Day.
2. Rob realized he had knothed himself when he noticed that he didn't have his wallet with him at the bar.

adj. (knothe-like)
1. Patrick's actions at the bar proved very knothe-like as he tricked the young coeds into returning to his apartment for a night of debauchery.
Jeremy's frequent knothe-like antics as a postal worker caused his supervisor to bring him up for review.

n. (knother)
1. Troy, the ultimate knother that he is, used the hidden-ball trick to win the dodgeball championship game for his team.
by rs January 19, 2005
A hurricane-like kick performed by most shotos in the Street Fighter series.
I beat that guy with a Tatsumuki Senpuu Kyaku!
by RS September 20, 2003
1) rezz, robby and tommy
Wow rezz is fucking HORRIBULA. So HORRIBULA he stole my word?
by rs August 05, 2004
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