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A piaboo is someone who wants to be a math enthusiast, and believes they truly are. The word comes from weeaboo, somebody who tries hard to be Japanese, and pi, a number most math geeks are familiar with. However, rather than obsessing over the Japanese culture like weeaboos, piaboos obsess over math.

Piaboos are generally people who have played the Nintendo DS RPG The World Ends With You and like the character of Sho Minamimoto so much they want to be like him.

Behaviours include memorizing the digits of pi up to a fairly large number, saying zetta instead of very/uber/hella/super/extremely etc., trying hard in math tests and getting disappointed when your math mark isn't an A (If you want to get into a certain college this doesn't count) and using mathematical slang in everyday conversations.

Piaboos tend to hang around school libraries and outside math classrooms.

They don't get boyfriends or girlfriends so easily, since nobody really wants to date them unless they have a math fetish and their pickup lines are usually something along the lines of 'Hey sweet digit, wanna lie tangent to me?' They also tend to go for nerds of any other kind if their fellow piaboos are unavailable.
Cathy: So I got a B for math on my report card, and I was so zetta disappointed! I yelled at Ms Jones 'YOU STUPID YOCTOGRAM' and walked out the door. That -100 zeptometre better learn!
Emma: Shut up about math already, you stupid piaboo!
by RPG Fangirl February 13, 2010
the funniest misspelling of boobs ever.
her boobes are huge!
by RPG Fangirl April 09, 2010
A very hilarious replacement for shit.
I schnizened my pants.

You little schnizen, don't watch that kiddie show!

That song is the schnizen.
by RPG Fangirl April 02, 2010
Australian slang for a huge splat of saliva, preferrably on somebody's face. Lads and related animals spit them at innocent bystanders.
Lad: Eshays brah! Let's spit a gorbie at that bitch, ey!
by RPG Fangirl March 28, 2010
1) A kiddy show similar in style to Postman Pat following the adventures of a fireman who smokes pot everyday.

2) What bad mothers tell their sons to call their dicks.
1) Tommy: I want to watch Fireman Sam!
Mum: (is stoned) OK dear, enjoy!!

20 years later Tommy is gay.

2) Tommy: Jimmy kicked me in the Fireman Sam! MUMMY!
Mum: (still stoned) That's great, dear.
by RPG Fangirl April 02, 2010
the cock, willy or pecker.
your winklet is up in my face.
by RPG Fangirl March 27, 2010
Code name for 'his cock'.
Dang, Alex is feeling himself again.
by RPG Fangirl April 12, 2010

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