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1. A computer company that manufactures outdated pieces of crap for way too much money. 2. A system that is highly incapable of running any program or game in the world 3. Useless pieces of junk.
Let's go toss that apple off a 20 story building, all it does it take up space.
by RP123 May 04, 2005
A school were dumbass teens think they're cool driving like jackasses in their 4 banger jap cars.
A BBHHS kid tried to compete with my Cadillac STS; the only problem was I have double the cylinders and 200 more horsepower. I smoked his ass and put it in it's place.
by RP123 May 04, 2005
1. A computer that is reliable and has never crashed. 2. A company that makes apple look like junk.
Wow, look how much better Dell is than Apple.
by RP123 May 04, 2005
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