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The worst kind of diarrhea, usually occurring after a bowel-angering meal. Typical stages of the mud include, but are not limited to: farts you don't want to let out for fear that it won't only be air, followed by 20+ minutes of anal hell. Allow 15 minutes for cleanup.
Colin: *knocks on bathroom door* Chris, I need in there! The Chipotle we ate wants out!

Chris: I can't leave....its the mud...THE MUUUUD!!

Colin: My God!
by ROONSKER February 24, 2011
n. An individual who, while under the influence of alcohol, becomes so overly sloppy that it would seem like he or she had eight arms to knock shit over with.
Kevin: Jesus, that girl just knocked over the pong table, threw her drink, and broke the back door window!

Colin: Dude sloptapus
by ROONSKER April 16, 2011

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