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Anyone who is awful at skating.
Cheabs love skating bowl but could not do a switch blunt to save their life.
Cheabs usally drive Volkswagen Beetles and write curse words on their board.
For an unknown reason cheabs have the strong desire to be with Steve Workman.

Origin of cheab: A very amazing sexy 14 year old discovered the word while attempting to read the word beach backwards. An ugly 16 year old whos last name rhymes with crumbulay thought of a definition for the word. This was inside a skatepark shop in September 2011.
"That kid Jake is such a Cheab"

"Look at that kid riding his punchbuggy, he is such a Cheab"

"Damn whyd that cheab come here?, I bet hes just here to talk about Steve Workman"
by ROD!!! September 28, 2011
1. (noun) Food that has been chewed then swallowed then regurgitated then chewed again.

2. (noun) Replacement for curse words such as hell or fuck.

3. (verb) Also used as a replacement for curse words but is used in verb form.
1. Rod: " Hey Jake what is that cow chewing?"
Liam: " I believe he is chewing cud made from grass."

2. Cory: "What the cud does that little cheab think he's doing?!?"

3. Jake: "What was he cudding thinking when he bought that CCS griptape."
by ROD!!! September 28, 2011

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