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To go to the lowest or least path to attain a goal
Look for the easiest way to find someone or something
I Bottom-feed for the cheap Stocks to invest in.
Why not Bottom-Feed and look for the most desperate girl in the club to pick up?
by ROBOMAN3 December 09, 2010
An interchangeable threesome with one Celebrity and two Goddesses
When I am famous i want to have a Sheenwedge!

Who is in the middle of the sheenwedge tonight?
by Roboman3 March 08, 2011
A Sheenwedge is a threesome with one Celebrity and two Goddesses.
I had a Sheenwedge last night with the twins!

Boy, I am so horny, I could really go for a Sheenwedge right now
by Roboman3 March 09, 2011
When one is the victim of a BottomFeeder you have been Bottomfed
By accepting anything (Money, favors,romantic encounters) knowing that the other person is a Bottomfeeder
He BottomFed on that job.
I got BottomFed good by that Guy.
by ROBOMAN3 December 09, 2010
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