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A young man (usually in his early to middle 20s) that older women would find attractive and would want to spend their alimony/divorce settlement money on. The term coug candy is relevant in social settings; especially nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.
I hate going out to the club with Sheldon, he's coug candy and I don't want a bunch of old broads flocking towards me.
by RLR The Beard November 15, 2010
A person of mixed Mexican and Native American (Indian) descent that hails from the city of Mesa, Arizona. Mesacindians almost always have hideous teeth, homely and distraught looking faces, and tip less than 8% when dining out.
Dude, that Mesacindian only tipped me $5 on a $100 tab.

Wow, I would never insert my penis into a Mesacindian girl.

The only people with worse teeth than British people are Mesacindians.

I would rather watch videos of baby lambs being slaughtered for veal than look at a Mesacindian for longer than 2/10ths of a second.

I almost puked in my own shit when I reminisced of seeing a bunch of Mesacindians at Walmart at Mesa Riverview.
by RLR The Beard November 07, 2010

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