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A conservitive is right of center when you look at politics. A conservitive is historicaly someone who is for smaller goverment and lower taxes(not just for the rich) and although they are more agresive they are normally more likable(compared to liberals) because most of them, like Ronald Reagan hated the goverment as much as you or I.

The veiw of the goverment can be summed up like so; to the far left theres dictatorship, then communism, then socalism, then liberalism.
At the center theres moderates.
To the far right theres anarchy and then converitives.
In my opinion it would not work with someone from either side as President, you need a moder as President or he hopefully sometime soon that will be said like he/she will run everything on there principals and not on what will make the country prosper.
Dictator-Saddam of Iraq
Communist-Joeseph Stalin of old Russia
Socalist-Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain
Liberal-Ted Kennedy of U.S.A
Moderate-Bill O'Reilly of Foxnews
Conservitive-Ronald Reagan of U.S.A
Anarchey-Got nothing.
by RJW October 31, 2004

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