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1. a thick, white, sticky fluid projecting from a man's 1 pound of dangling fury upon a woman's face thus fusing her lips together.
2. Using a human male instead of a horse to make Elmers glue in order to cut costs.
"She looks like she needs a face full of man paste"
by RJ B January 12, 2004
1. Middle Eastern mafia members who wear their towls inside out. Rarely seen in the desert lands itself, these "goons" mostly live the goodlife in the projects while working at 7-11.
2. See also sand niger
No, I don't want a slurpee dune goon, stop hassleing me.
by RJ B January 12, 2004
1. A Californian grocery store Union sheep.
2. An ediot that would rather loose months of pay than having to pay less than the average population for health care.
1.Move away from the entrance and shove that picket up your shittick you scanner monkey.

2. "ONE DAY LONGER = ONE DAY STRONGER!!!" Keep saying that scanner monkeys.
by RJ B January 12, 2004
1. The average weight of a black man's frontal package.
2. Having a penis so large that it weighs a pound or more while being soft.
3. phrase made popular by Jon in Survivor Pearl Islands to cover up for his personal Inadequacy.
Come on baby, suck on my pound of dangling fury.
by RJ B January 12, 2004
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